Sell your Student House

SELL YOUR STUDENT HOUSE – Ravenkirk Property Ltd, working in conjunction with CJ City Properties Ltd is buying Student Houses in Carlisle.


Landlords of Student Houses: Have you had enough of dealing with Tenants?

Are the rental returns not what you thought they were going to be?
Is the commission you pay to your agent and the maintenance costs taking all the profit?
Do you find the property is emptier for longer than you thought?
Has the house been wrecked?
Take the equity out now while the stock market is booming. Prices have fallen and at best look to stagnate for a few more years before slowly increasing!
Retiring, want to get you money out?


Why sell your Student Property quickly to Ravenkirk Property Ltd?:

No costly fees – Estate Agent fees on a sale of a £100,000.00 house can be up to£1,500.00 + VAT (1.5%).
Confidential – No boards or adverts on display.
Convenient – Completion date(s) that suits you, no multiple viewings.
Stress free – No buyers dropping out at the last minute.
No loss of rent – Ravenkirk will buy the property with the Tenants in residence so you won’t lose a day’s worth of rent while you own the property.
No need to hire a skip – We will buy the contents so you won’t have to dispose of 4 virtually worthless beds, etc.
Security of sale – For individual properties we will aim to purchase the property without the need for a mortgage so there is less chance of the deal falling through.
Security for Tenants – Once the sale has gone through your property and Tenants will be handed over to CJ City Properties Ltd who, with over 20yrs experience in letting student houses will manage the property and Tenants in a friendly and professional manner.
Quick – With no Estate Agents or mortgage providers to deal with the sale will move smoothly and quickly.


Decided to sell? What next?:

Contact CJ City Properties Ltd
01228 592211
Arrange a no obligation viewing.
Agree a price.
Talk to Solicitors.
Collect your money.


There are plenty of reasons why you may want to sell your Student Property to Ravenkirk Property Ltd;

Here are just a few situations:
Equity Release; Chain Breakdown; Falling Rents due to increased competition; Repossession Concerns; Money Problems; Unable to make mortgage payments and worried about future credit; Relocation and Moving; Retirement; Redundancy; Bereavement; Unemployment; Health Issues; Separation & Divorce; Emigration; Just Wanting to Free Up Cash; Slow market preventing sale through an estate agent; Unwanted Inherited Property.

Ravenkirk Property Ltd is a privately owned, Carlisle based, property investment company which aims to invest heavily in the Carlisle student property market. It will hand over the day to day running of the properties to its sister company, CJ City Properties Ltd, which has over 20yrs experience of letting to students.

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